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Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
To be honest, is just the trend in other browser games - overly priced things. However, considering that the boosts are permanent, as in, is not like you're spending 150$ on dungeons, knowing that you won't get those mushrooms back. Arena boosts are an investment for your account that will stay there forever.

I don't mind paying this value for all the boosts (gold + platinum), the problem here is that we know that Playa will continue to implement more boosts which will continuously get more and more expensive
Yea, nice, you are willing to spend like 100 of euro for such a thing, not everyone would do this. I mean I like this game and over the years I spent much more then 100 euros in it, but this is getting too much with everything else where we can spend shrooms... if they kept it more cheap, the amount of people who would buy the upgrades would earn them more in my opionon.

And I don't want even to talk about platinum upgrades, when gold ones are already overpriced O.o
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