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Like the comments..
the only thing you night need is an extra 4 hours, as the game is based on 10 hours..mostly.. But non-paid persons, spend all they can ingame(no money)
Which is fine/great and they can play extra Shrooms to get ahead.
I dont mind, that, but they can Quit at the top, and just SIT there and beat anyone trying to get higher...

Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
For once I am quite happy with how this year started.

They put a lot of work into the new mobile versions and really thought about what could be improved. I am very happy with the new version.

The new content turned out meh. But they did try to come up with a new idea and mechanic and that means a lot.
Like with every other game some patches will turn out great, others won't. It's just important that the devs try.

Unfortunatelly this game, in it's design, works more like an arpg. Best example would be Path of Exile. It's all about competting and restarting in a couple of months.
In this game the feel is just a lot different from PoE. I think mostly because it requires heavy investment in both time and money.
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