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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
For once I am quite happy with how this year started.

The new content turned out meh. But they did try to come up with a new idea and mechanic and that means a lot.
Like with every other game some patches will turn out great, others won't. It's just important that the devs try.
Our guild lost 4 players after hydra upgrade. All of them were spenders. Only 3 players including me left. And approximately ~20 players across the server.

Most drawbacks and annoyance come from:
- Time delay between attacks (plain sink). Actually I do not see any reason to set time delay between attacks. Their quantity is limited to 5 per 24h. Maybe someone can enlight me ? why ?
- The upgrade pet system is clear scum.
- No normal description of mechanic despite FAQ etc. It took 3 days until we figured ourself how it works. Information provided by Leander was very unclear.

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