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This is what I get on my Samsung S4, with Android 5.0 on board, game app update to last fixed version:
- there is no way to exit the app, you can go only to your login screen. So you have to kill the app if you don't want it to be executed on background (using battery & memory of your smartphone)
- there is no zoom option, so select someone from hall of fame/friends list/mail/arena is quite difficoult
- the function to compare your pg with another don't work
- hall of fame is often slow to load (also with a good wi-fi connection)
- Inventory, potion, mount information are separated from pg: it is my opinion that it is not so useful: selling/buying something is more difficoult then before, it's hard to see when your mount or potions expires (you have to remember to check it in that separate section)
- When you have to select your adversary from HoF/Arena it's really uncomfortable: you don't have in the same place the list and player information. I don't need all the icon and information: I prefer to have the right one that I need to choose my enemy selecting by a list on its side. I suggest less, clear info of my enemy and a list on its side like pc format
- In the tavern the name of the mission often are too long and are overwritten on the reward
- In the tavern should be useful to have a zoom function: the mission on smartphone have small characters so it's quite hard to select mission
- It would be useful if the 4 main icon button on the left will blink if some action select from its sub-icon ended (e.g: in the first main button there are tavern, guard, etc. The main button will blink if the guard or mission are ended. Actually blink only tavern or guard button and if you don't click on main button you don't realize that the action has finished)
- the app icon is really small

- If I press on the mount icon to see how many days left, it bring me directly to the stable and don't show me the pop-up window with the information that I need

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