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The theory that your dexterity influences your dodgechance is disproved and long forgotten I think.
What is not mentioned is that not only the defensive statts reduce damage, but also the offensive mainstatts in fights against the same class. E.g. in mage vs mage their intelligence reducdes the others respective damage. But I'm not shure if this is also with half the value. That is a subject that is not often mentioned but I wastly remember an official confirmation.

The armor reduces the damage after it is completely calculated. E.g. a scout makes 100.000 Damage to a warrior (after the warriors dext reduced his dext etc. pp.) and than the warriors armor reduces that to 50.000 (if he has the max amount against the scouts level).

If you would like to view existing fight simulators (which there are planty of) I would recommend this one:

It's an article about an underworld simulator, but the second link in this thread leads to the general simulator that is the basis for this.
The simulator itself is an excel file and actualy in english

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