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With the Gladiator Bonuses cancelling each other out (I have full bonuses in everything imaginable) is a 1 shot kill from a Mage's first attack still possible?

Supposedly that advantage was nullified by this latest update ...

This screenshot is from today's results in the International Hall of Fame, you can doublecheck if you'd like I'm rank 88 currently.

also mention in the german forums that the change has not been noticed

Originally Posted by Manchurian View Post
Auf S1 fallen aber weiterhin beim Erstschlag unnormal hohe Crits. Ich als Kundi mache teilweise über 120 Mio und manch ein Magier gegen mich über 230 Mio Schaden mit dem Erstschlag. Ich merke da also keine Veränderung
Translation - On S1, however, the first strike will still cause abnormally high crits. I as make some 120 million and some a magician against me over 230 million damage with the first strike. So I do not notice any change
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