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It seems i was wrong so i apologize.
The bonus is only in effect when new quests are being generated. Changing items does NOT change the rewards, as the bonus was generated with the old item equipped. To use a gold bonus for example, you need to equip the item/items and finish the current quest. The new generated quests will have the bonus applied. Unfortunately the bonus does not refresh in real time so if you dont have the gold/xp gear equipped when the quests are generated you will loose the bonus for that 1st quest.
You can try the suggestions that BMWGuinness and Gully gave if you dont trust the system.

Later edit:
Rhythmite you were talking about the 10% you can calculate (1,263,788 => 1,390,166 - +9,99%). That is only from the ring enchant (The Grave Robber's Prayer spell) and not from any rune bonus because that bonus is already applied to the reward ammount if you equiped the rune bonus gear before the quests were generated. Same thing with the XP bonus, you will get +10% after the quest is finished from the hat enchant (Adventurer's Archaeological Aura spell).

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