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Default Official album helper

Hello, let me explain my situation. I play this game for almost 4 years and have one character almost lvl 400. Few times I was thinking of creating new character to try all new content as low lvl player, but there was always one problem with filling album with stickers, as I find this mechanics totally boring so after few lvls, i gave it up.

So my suggestion is to add something like album helper inside game. It doesnt need to be complicated, everything I ask is some little sign (little dot before name, anything) in hall of fame, that this specific player wears at least one item I dont have in my album.

It could be obtained by many ways, maybe some special animal from stable (owl of knowledge, XXX shrooms for 2 weeks...) or the jewish imp with golden frame could offer some special item, so only people who invest some money into game could obtain it...

I cant speak for everyone but IMHO this could make this game much more enjoyable for many players ang PG would definitely not lose anything.
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