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Default Looking for international guild to establish

Really don't know where to post this, so here it goes:

I've been playing SFGame since 2010, but only 1 year ago I decided to establish on s1. Pt (I'm Portuguese) and play 320 Alu every day. That was when there were rumors about the servers merge, so I thought I'd play in a unique Portuguese server, with every single server in it. Rumors proved to be wrong, and I still kept playing, but 1 year later I couldn't handle it anymore due to the huge inactivity there. And the "birthday update" flop was the turning point, so I quitted.

After a few weeks of deep thoughts, I realized that IF PLAYA DECIDES TO, they can really make SFGame great again with the 3.0 remastered. There are lots of good ideas and small improvements, so there is great opportunities to improve this game. Because of it, I decided that I will start, once again, a level 1 account, ON AN INTERNATIONAL SERVER, and play 320 Alu forever. (unless Playa proves to be brain dead, in that case I will never play this again). Consider this as a "second chance".

Im looking for a maxed guild in an international server (preferably not an old one, but all good if it is). Organised, active members, long term goals and if possible, where the main language is English

If I found one, I will start in August. I promise to level up fast hehe this is also an opportunity for me to study deeper the difference between low level monotony and, in the future, high level monotony.

Thanks for your time
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