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Personal feedback.
1 - the 'portal', seems like a lazy option (using existing avatars) and, in my opinion, I don't want to fight youtubers that I don't even care nor like.
2 - the new blacksmith option is interesting, nothing huge though, just another way to get money in (I'd decrease the cost to 25 mushrooms). Still, I give it a positive mark.
3 - the epics are ugly, they don't even fit the class theme and some of them are the same (mage and scout weapon are the same, maybe the shooting particles differ a bit, haven't checked that yet)
4 - The '+' icon to upgrade items is a good one
5 - new achievements is okay but it won't change the gameplay (actually I haven't seen the new achievements so I can't be sure about this, but achievements aren't supposed to change anything in the gameplay, so I'm assuming the new ones will follow the concept)
6 - the new shop is actually beautiful
7 - the gold pit change is a necessary one that is actually due.

So, overall and comparing to other online games I've played in the last 11 years, this looks like a small update, not a 10th anniversary update. I was expecting big content and minor changes: for example, instead of that 'dungeon', something as big as the fortress update, and all the other things.
Even if the dungeon comes with new battle mechanics (including underworld units, for example) and new bonuses, it's still a small update. You already had the avatars, you had to design the dungeon background, maybe create some stats and, I assume, implement the weapons and shooting particles. How much time did you spend on this? 1 week? 6 days to do the background and 1 day to create the stats and another day to create the code necessary for this and do some testing, assuming this is just one team for the entire dungeon?

I had high expectations for this update, not only because I was curious about what would Playa come up in such an important date, but also because I needed this update to be something good in order for me to not quit this game for once. Sorry, but I'm not convinced. I have no intentions on playing a game that requires lots of money in order to be in the top X, when I don't want to progress in the game because I know that I'll just get boring and have nothing interesting to do, besides trying to defeat buffed monsters that I already defeated, each 5 months.

After 9 years playing SFGame and being here to see almost every update being implemented, I'm really disappointed to see how this game have been upgraded. So much potential, but still nothing. Lost all the faith I had in Playa Games after this one.
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