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Exclamation [IMPORTANT] Situation is getting worse!

What the hell is this -
Anybody knows about this vote? Why Playa shut up about this? One german youtuber Spieletrend told, friday will be open new server for honor one german "youtube star" Simon Unge. Where he knows this important information? He cooperate with Playa or what? Than when this saw KO771 they told tomorrow approx. on afternoon I'll give you more information about this.

I'm really wondering how fake company is Playa and everything they're trying to keep in secret to the day of reveal themself. Enough they don't reading feedback from players from other countries than german, they creating absolutely ridiculous big updates like their 8=> and last years many players stop play this game because this what they're doing this is NOT normal and we should do something with it! We should make some one big survey about satisfaction of updates on all forums and then when pass one month (that's quiet long time for collecting votes from players) and than from all forums our comunity managers send results straight to the lead and finally they saw how bad are they in developing updates. What do you say about my idea hm? Let me know your finger up or comment, thanks.

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