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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
A lot has changed over the years. A few years back people were grateful for any updates at all. Now gamers demand them upfront.
You have a point right here, sir, but let's compare the updates before 2016 vs after 2016.

So, in one hand you have:
- guild raids
- dungeon 11, 12, 13, 14
- tower
- fortress
- portal (guild and player)
- witch
- album
- toilet
- mirror
- shadow dungeons (1-14)

While in the other hand, you have:
- pets
- dungeon 15
- assassin
- twister
- underworld
- shadow raids

Now let's see what differ the updates before 2016 from the ones after 2016.

Guild raids: New monsters (at least, the bosses), introduced a new set of goals to guilds. It marked the difference between fighting twice a day and chatting for a couple minutes, and setting up schedules for each raid, strategies between several guilds, giving a purpose of why you're leveling up your character and how it would impact your guild. It also introduced a new kind of reward (+100% xp and gold for guilds), never seen before in the game.

Dungeon 11, 12, 13 and 14: New monsters in each dungeon, directed for players at level +150 (which was really high back then). Again, new goals for players at high levels to keep playing in order to complete this new content.

Tower: New dungeon with 100 new monsters, introduced a new mechanic into the game: the companions. Now you have not only to keep upgrading your character, but also your new 3 companions in order to achive 100% gold bonus for youself.

Toilet, witch, mirror, album: Small updates who not only gave new bonuses to the players (toilet gives better items, album more % xp, witch can enchant items), but also gives small things that we actually needed, even though we didn't know at the time (mirror: you can fight in arena/dungeons while doing thirst/working).

Solo/guild portal: More dungeons with new monsters. Not only sets up new goals for players/guilds, but it also gives more bonuses (+ 50% damage and +50% HP)

Fortress: New content directed to players but not really to the character itself (besides gems). New designs (actually 215 new images if I'm not mistaken), gives us more bonuses (more stats due to gems, xp from academy, more space in inventory), introduced a new mechanic to the game (a "mini-game" off the game itself). Ranking not that good, but we can deal with it.

Shadow dungeons: 150 old dungeons back to the game with better bonuses. Was a nice way to gives us more things to pursue and new ways to get xp/gold/items. Even though the monsters used already existed, players didn't care about it at all.

Now let's compare with the updates AFTER 2016.

Pets: the best update in this part. More monsters (20*5 = 100 new monsters), more bonuses for your characters, more dungeons, new mechanics introduced into the game (you have to get each pet in a specific date OR you have to complete something in order to get a pet). It also provides XP.

Shadow raids: The old 50 raids (times 2) with the shadow design. Doesn't give any decent reward, way too hard because of the nerf to the players stats. No new monsters. Playa thought that, since the shadow-theme had a nice feedback from shadow-dungeons, it would probably work in guild-dungeons. Wrong.

Dungeon 15: New 20 monsters, a new way for players to test their characters. Same old rewards (nice xp/gold). Good overall.

Twister: A new dungeon with 1000 monsters: none of them is new. It only provides XP and maybe some items. Ok xp (because of the huge amount of monsters).

Assassin: New class with no new items, no new abilities, no new epics. Nothing new besides the name. Horrible as hell.

Underworld: Kind of a 'shadow-fortress'. Followed the same logic and concept. Gives nice bonuses (% critical damage, gold, thirst). Has new designs for the buildings involved. Ranking messed up, horrible. Units also messed up (introduced goblins and trolls when the keeper does their jobs).

Now, think and choose one of the two options: you have to remove OR the updates before 2016, OR the updates after 2016. Which one would you choose, and why? That may answer your questions.

Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
Companies developing mmo games invest heavily to support a steady stream of updates. Take any of the top mmo games now and you will se this clearly.
In this regard Playa does need to keep up. However developing updates is usually a hit and miss even for the biggest productions.
Sometimes the feel of a system just isn't that great.
I think Playa sees exactly what worked well and what didn't.
Let's wait for the second part of the guild update and the biggest update in three years, both coming out in one month. When they get released, we'll see if Playa learned the lession from their previous updates, or not.
If not, after 8 years, I'm out. So let's keep our hands up and pray