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interesting project, I give you some more information, keep up the work!

Originally Posted by Gully View Post
Guild total hok gives you an higher % of black gem's drop.
Your own hok counts for the value of the gems you find
Not true, the guild total counts for the values and the number of hok’s 15+ gives you a higher % of black gem drops.

4. to extend bortas, the pet bonus is only measured on full %-points. E.g. 18,75% -> 18%; 19,25% -> 19%

10. to extend bortas, defenders with half of life didn’t joine but are inactive for less than 21days, if they are longer they fight with 10% of their life

13. time machine gives you 20 points free at 0:00 and it saves all your unused thirst at 0:00 up to a maximum which is 80 at level 15, but only for drunken beers.

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