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Originally Posted by Acclamator View Post
interesting project, I give you some more information, keep up the work!

Not true, the guild total counts for the values and the number of hok’s 15+ gives you a higher % of black gem drops.

4. to extend bortas, the pet bonus is only measured on full %-points. E.g. 18,75% -> 18%; 19,25% -> 19%

10. to extend bortas, defenders with half of life didn’t joine but are inactive for less than 21days, if they are longer they fight with 10% of their life

13. time machine gives you 20 points free at 0:00 and it saves all your unused thirst at 0:00 up to a maximum which is 80 at level 15, but only for drunken beers.
I don't know if I understand you correctly to be clear:

So guild total is responsible for gem stats, my hall of knights total is responsible for raising my chances to find black gems? and for what is responsible my gem mine lvl then?

10. So guild battle need to have the same amount of players fighting in battle? And those with half hp didn't joined battle but they were taken to fill missing slots? And if they're inactive for longer than 21 days then they fight with 10% of their hp?

13. So, no matter which lvl I have a time machine I will get 20 adventure points for free from it? And it can accumulate up to 80 thirsts of adventure if I used beers - and in order to get 80, I will need to use all beers and have this building at max lvl? And how about maximum thirst of adventure for those who don't buy beers?