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Originally Posted by żyd View Post
So guild total is responsible for gem stats, my hall of knights total is responsible for raising my chances to find black gems? and for what is responsible my gem mine lvl then?
Nope, the guild total is responsible for statts and the total of 15+ HoK's in guild is responsible for the chance to find black gems, starting with the first HoK 15 to give your guild any chance at all. Your own HoK is responsible for nothing other than to count for the guild total. edit: your gem mine lvl is also responsible for the statts, the formula given before shows this and it worked quite fine for me foran none official formula.

character-level*0.4*[1+0.15*(lvl gem mine-1)]+knights/3

one should mention that 0.4 is the gem factor for big stones, meaning it's another value for small, medium and black ones. (I don't find the original post from eggman at the moment where he had given the appropriate values for this gems)

Originally Posted by żyd View Post
10. So guild battle need to have the same amount of players fighting in battle? And those with half hp didn't joined battle but they were taken to fill missing slots? And if they're inactive for longer than 21 days then they fight with 10% of their hp?
No guild battles don't need the same amount of players, players that didn't click the button just still fight with 50% life for whatever reason and players who are inactive for more than 21 days with 10%. I forgot to make clear that this is only true for defenders, attackers only fight when they clicked the button.

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Well I think I explain it once more, was a bit unclear and I forgot something and what you got is far away .
So the timemachine gives you 1 point of thirst for each level from 1-10 and 2 points for each level from 11-15 (that sums up to the 20 points i mentioned) and it can save unused thirst up to an maximum of 80 points per day, but that thirst has to be already drunken for. E.g. you have 100 first left -> machine 15 saves 80; you have 70 thirst left -> machine 15 save 70; you have 0 thirst left but only drunk 5/11 beers -> machine 15 saves 0 thirst, as the 120 thirst is not in the bar.

for such numbers I can recommend this thirt party side:

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