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Here you have some more information.
I make a double-post exceptionally so it's easier for the Thread-owner to identify.

1d) Yes crits make normal damage x2, but with gladiator it's not simple x2,75, but first is the damage calculated and then it gets increased by 75%,
at least that is how I understand it and how it seems to me. E.g.: 1000 damage -> 2000 damage as a crit -> 3500 damage with gladiator 15.

e)The scout dodges 50%, Warriors depending on their shield with a max of 25% and assasin is 50% just like scout.
Mages don't dodge and nobody can dodge mages!

Magic shop c) I don't know of any data regarding this and as it has small impact i'm pretty shure you have to collect data on your own to find values if you feel a need. The overall system functions as follows: From 1000 Items a certain number are epics (I believe 1 in 1000), a certain number are potions, hourglasses, etc. and the rest is filled with normal items.