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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
Look at Leander post.
From this it would seem that bonus from previous rounds is calculated to base damage and you get 40% from it all.

Fights are deceptive since you can roll high end of your base damage on first hit and low end on 4th round.
Meaby my damage calculator would help you a bit to figure it out, you can calculate damage reduction from yours and enemy defensive stats but this lack damage reduction from armor because I'm not sure how this % dmg absorption from armor really works.
I would like also add dodge chance calculator but this is also enemy dependent if I'm right. Someone with more dexterity will reduce enemy dodge chance a bit. After all, this dodge is still random.

To calculate real damage we should calculate this values :

- enemy dmg reduction from armor
- our dmg reduction from armor
- enemy dmg reduction from defensive stats
- our dmg reduction from defensive stats
- enemy max dmg from weapon
- our max dmg from weapon
- enemy min. dmg from weapon
- our min. dmg from weapon
- our min and max dmg from crit including gladiator bonus (if)
- enemy min and max dmg from crit including gladiator (if)
- our real crit chance vs this enemy
- enemy real crit chance vs you
- enemy dodge chance vs you
- your dodge chance vs enemy

And having all these values we could make a calculator which will give us average % chance to win the fight against given player.

If we deal more dmg after each round then we should also include our and enemy hp and how many max crit hits we can survive against enemy but adding this would be very hard and not possible for me as I'm not that good at math. xD

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