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Originally Posted by Pomurnik View Post

"Here's a list of changes and fixes:

+ the Gladiator bonus (Underworld) is compared and subtracted in PvP fights now. If player 1 has a +40% bonus and player 2 has a bonus of +15%, player 1 gets a bonus of 25% (40-15) while the other player does not get a bonus. This tweak nerfs combinations of huge damage (first hit, deal critical damage, have a high Gladiator bonus) that sometimes one-shot other players."

So if I have Gladiator 75% and enemy has 75% ten bonus should be 0 for both of us.
This is very weird. Tbh from my own experience, it would look like this isn't in the game at all. Since the underworld was introduced, critical hits have become a lot stronger. Maybe there is a bug that doesn't substract the values?
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