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Bleh, I ignore it, I have lvl 2 defences and working on getting the gem mine up to lvl 20... New combat units for something that can be ignored! woohoo!

no "choose opponent", that leads to farming players not in your range


no "skip" fight, you are supposed to be able to win 2-3 a day, not all 5... if you have the 10% loot drop + spend RL cash on mushrooms and then on beers, your locker is overflowing with fruit anyway


They already benefit from YOUR potions, sometimes when i can't beat a dungeon with the regular prime stat / con / luck combo, i remove the prime stat and use the mob's prime stat pot instead... works a treat

My request:
Change the witch bonus for exp and gold. Spending 100k gold to get "+10 gold per quest" is ridiculous, same goes for exp. Make them both 1% gold / experience