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Hello, guys !
As the new major update is near, I wanna bring back a suggestion from Kokulina about the blacksmith. Im gonna try to quote her as much as i can, because i can`t find right now the comment :
"It will be perfect that Playa let us use the Fortress resources to exchange with iron and crystals."
She also put there some numbers, but lets be serious now, today, after I upgraded my weapon i saw that i need 15k crystals to get it 5x.
Lets see the example that i thought is a good one :

-Take a average of 100 crystals per item ( i only say the lowest with 20 and highest 200 )
-Put 5 items daily ( this means 500 crystals per day )
So, for me to get my weapon 5x, it means that i need to spend 30 days with an average about 100 crystals per item to get it. Same applies to the other items, a lil' bit cheaper, but mostly the same.

In conclusion, lets make a balance with allowing us to use the resources from fortress for exchange and help even the guys who arent 'shroomers to get something. Im a 'shroomer and I want a balance and a fair fight with "casual" players !

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