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Originally Posted by Shnitel View Post
Hello, guys !
As the new major update is near, I wanna bring back a suggestion from Kokulina about the blacksmith. Im gonna try to quote her as much as i can, because i can`t find right now the comment :
"It will be perfect that Playa let us use the Fortress resources to exchange with iron and crystals."
She also put there some numbers, but lets be serious now, today, after I upgraded my weapon i saw that i need 15k crystals to get it 5x.
Lets see the example that i thought is a good one :

-Take a average of 100 crystals per item ( i only say the lowest with 20 and highest 200 )
-Put 5 items daily ( this means 500 crystals per day )
So, for me to get my weapon 5x, it means that i need to spend 30 days with an average about 100 crystals per item to get it. Same applies to the other items, a lil' bit cheaper, but mostly the same.

In conclusion, lets make a balance with allowing us to use the resources from fortress for exchange and help even the guys who arent 'shroomers to get something. Im a 'shroomer and I want a balance and a fair fight with "casual" players !
another addition could be using iron and crystals to upgrade or make new buildings in the fortress aspect. lots of people are almost maxed in there fortress buildings. If they could use iron and crystals to upgrade or make new buildings there will be more and new content.
new additions could be:
-crystal/iron mines. (but I don't know if this is a really good idea).
-upgrades for swords/bows/staffs and armor for defencive and offensive units.
-A market where you could exchange iron/gems for Wood/stone. (the higher you upgrade the building the more you get or the more you can exchange.)
I'm going off topic. but this could bring some new content.
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