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Originally Posted by Zeemannetje View Post
another addition could be using iron and crystals to upgrade or make new buildings in the fortress aspect. lots of people are almost maxed in there fortress buildings. If they could use iron and crystals to upgrade or make new buildings there will be more and new content.
new additions could be:
-crystal/iron mines. (but I don't know if this is a really good idea).
-upgrades for swords/bows/staffs and armor for defencive and offensive units.
-A market where you could exchange iron/gems for Wood/stone. (the higher you upgrade the building the more you get or the more you can exchange.)
I'm going off topic. but this could bring some new content.
I like your ideas without the crystal/iron mines, this is a bad one, its enough to exchange them through wood and stone. And your last suggestion is exactly what Im saying, to have the chance to trade them and a building is the best idea.

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