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Default New raids


I would like to start by saying that I am very happy about the recent update and it is great that the company decided on an update like that.
I don't mean for my suggestion to sound ungrateful and if they already got something in works for the next guild update connection to them that's fine too.

In case that's the final version of the 100 additional raids, my suggestion is as follows:

For every new 10 raids add a bonus of 1.5% to our companions in the Tower, which at the end (we don't know how difficult the last couple is) result in 15% of statistics for them. The numbers are obviously subject to change for programmers.

The main reason why I think this would help the game, in the long run, is the ability to add to the content involving our companions. With the "recent" bug fix that was needed a lot of players felt in disadvantage against people that already completed more in relevant features before bug fix. This suggestion is aiming to fill the gap between pre-bug fix companions and make the raids more impactful, meaningful and competitive.