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Since the March/April update will focus on guilds, here you have some minor-suggestions to implement on the next big update of this year (if you like them )

- Change the max. gold per mission (we have the 10M barrier for some years now, maybe is time to move on?)
- Improve the shadow-guilds' rewards (the xp we get is nonsense, comparing with how hard raids actually are.) I'd suggest either gold or some guild % bonus
- Change the xp curve once again: it received a great feedback when the devs changed it in 2016, so I think that mid-late 2018 would be nice to change it (if not, maybe in early 2019).
- Change blacksmith costs (not sure about this tho, I don't quite understand if it was made to take 1-2 years saving crystals so we could use them on items in order to max them all, or the costs are just way too expensive)
- Find a way to correct Pets and Underworld HoF (no need to change fortress' HoF). Once everyone gets their pet at level 100 and a lot of people become able to defeat top1 in underworld, it makes no sense to keep those Hall of Fames since there won't be anything different from player to player in order to compete with each other.
- New content: i'd love to see some kind of dungeon-type content directed to players (individual). Some years ago I suggested a new 9-dungeons-system (but not shadow, please!) where players could unlock each dungeon with a key but they'd have to achieve something in the game in order to get a key (for example, you have to finish twister to get the key of the last dungeon). The requirements to unlock each key should be directed to high-end accounts (+380/+400) so that only these accounts could enjoy this new content. Not only is a new way to get xp, gold and epics, but you also have the opportunity to "revive" the first 9 dungeons that you probably finished years ago
The further you move on in those dungeons, the harder it gets to find each key. For example: (I agree that some of these are quite hard so feel free to give your opinion!)
Key 1: 90 pets acquired (let's start with sth easy)
Key 2: Tower done
Key 3: Dungeon 13 Shadow completed
Key 4: Solo Portal completed
Key 5: Easteros completed
Key 6: Underworld completed
Key 7: Fortress completed
Key 8: Max aura
Key 9: Twister completed
I didn't mentioned any kind of guild-requirement since that would be hard in inactive servers.
- Something about server fusion / migration. There's just too many servers inactive to play in.
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