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Unhappy Server merging must happen

Hey guys!

I've been playing this game for quite some time, I'm on international world 7 with my own top 20 guild.

However finding new people to join the guild is pretty much impossible by now. The server is 99% dead. I can only imagine older servers are worse. So merging all the servers and filtering out the inactives would be great.

I've seen the discussion in the past but it has been quite a while since the "it might happen" response.

It kinda feels like the devs have abandoned old servers, pushing out new servers and letting the old ones die. some of us have spent a lot of real money on the game and it is slowly becoming useless in a dead server.

Duplicate names can be an issue but I suggest forcing all the merged accounts to input a new name. So if you're in time, you can use your old name.

Inactive accounts (offline for 3 months or more) will be temporarily deactivated and taken out of the hall of fame. They can be reactivated by logging in and using some kind of activation code mechanism.

These are all suggestions, but the main thing is WE NEED SERVER MERGES!! All old servers are basically left to die now.
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