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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
I agree, it is still too much.

Yet it is highly unlikely things will change.

Hourglass system was supposed to ease the pain. Playa still makes quite a bit of money on people who shroom on quests (even the shortest ones).

Hmm, maybe they would consider getting rid of Hourglass' and making all quests (beside shortest) instant?
It all about data analysis, I assume they will earn more if they can attract more people and decrease churn. We can write "it's not a problem etc" but we change the truth - people leave because they are bored or they don't have time.

Hourglass system is just addition if you want make instant thirst. Skiping for mushrooms doesn't work on all servers, on my server you need w8 until 23:00 to start skipping. It's too risky to wait because random things in real life can happen. It must be system solution - premium account, new scroll, reworked existing scroll etc.

In my opinion they lose more money than they earn for skipping.

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