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Post long trips

hello, how are you going, dear forum community, I wanted to comment on a suggestion in exchange for the afk game once you spend all the thirst for adventure, as is the guard that gives gold, I would like you to add a "long trip" that dropee objects (as potions since the only method of obtaining them is with the sorcerer), these "long trips" would drop all kinds of objects from epics with greater difficulty to 1 mushroom or potions.

since we are with the subject of the potions I would also like to add a black potion that increases all the statistics of the characters and its cost would be 20 mushrooms.

hola ,como les va querida comunidad del foro, queria comentar una sugerencia a cambio en el juego afk una ves que gastas toda la sed de aventura, como lo es la guardia que da oro, me gustaria que agregaran un "viaje largo" que dropee objetos (como pociones puesto que el unico metodo de obtenerlas es con el hechizero) , estos "viajes largos" dropearian todo tipo de objetos desde epicos con mayor dificultad hasta 1 seta o pociones.

ya que estamos con el tema de las pociones tambien me gustaria que agregaran una pocion negra que aumente todas las estadisticas de los personaje y su costo seria de 20 setas.

PD : I use google translator, I'm sorry my English is bad
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