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Yeah I can imagine it would be talked about on the German forums with all the servers they have. But this is why I believe it wont happen. Some is what I know and some is what I think. First off each physical server only has 1 maybe 2 game servers on it ( I know of other games that have put 5+ game servers on one) secondly these servers are not networked together and from my understanding either cant or wont be networked. tis is the technical issues to start with then you have game rules to deal with as we all know you are only allowed 1 character per server. As we also know a lot of ppl play on more then 1 server usually on servers next to each other like say W1 and W2 so if you merged them you have some ppl breaking a rule just because they merged servers. So in this case what do you do cant have 2 toons on a server but if said players are shrooming cant delete a toon or ask them to stop playing a toon just not sound business.(yes I said sound business yes this is a game to us for for Playa it is a business cant have a game if it is not making money)

What is needed is a sound plan to merge servers without cheating nor messes with a players toons or playa's income. Till then don't expect Playa to merge a single server.
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