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Reading Leander's thread about the "Octoberfest", I don't really see the point of introducing more classes to the game that are just hybrids of Mage Scout and Warrior. I think that there is nothing special about having a Battle Mage (that is a combination of Warrior and Mage), I assume that it will just be a Mage but with more balance between damage and health.

With the same way of thinking Playa could create a scout with a mage weapon, a warrior with a scout weapon and so on but those classes would not add to the game's diversity because they just don't seem innovating, they just combine the stats of already existing classes.

I want to make clear that I am not opposed to Playa's intention to add more classes to the game but the new classes should really have something unique about them and this will only happen when those classes are given a distinctive ability just like the "evade" of scouts and "block" of warriors. I could talk forever about ideas of classes and their unique abilities, maybe a Healer class could exist with a "heal" ability on every turn or a class that deals more damage according to the maximum amount of the enemy's health.

This thread is not meant for proposing ideas so I will not continue analysing more about what could be implemented in terms of classes. As for the new graphics, we will have to wait a couple of days before we can discuss about them but judging from the existing images the final result looks very promising.
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