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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
Transmogrifaction - yay
Set items - nay

Items from dungeons, toilet and shop would become useless. It's already hard to find item with the right stats and armor / damage.

Now you would bind certain items together. I think people would not be too happy about that.
That's a good point.

This option (transmogrification) doesn't change anything except item look. It's just an option if you want to wear a specific appearance of the item or if you want your gear to be more matching visually.
Items from dungeons, toilet and shop will not become useless because you will require them to create a set item. Not to make things easy I think we should apply this rule :

1. You cannot create set item from normal type of item.
2. Only rare items can be converted to set items.
or - your item require certain ilvl depending on your character level.
Your item defense value won't change after converting to a set item
The same with weapons - item base damage won't change only stats will rise to match your character level

Are you satisfied with this idea?

Originally Posted by rvm1975 View Post
1) Set items - good idea if you are able to upgrade the attributes of item some how. Actually every ~25 toon levels give you +50 on x3 item. So it is impossible to keep set and decent items.

2) I do not have spare wood/stone. Instead of 4 gems per 24h I am mining only 2. So it is bad idea.
The attributes of an item would be upgraded by using a scroll. Every set item would be linked together so if you create one of them the rest will automatically upgrade too - to fit your current character level.

Your item on which you will use a scroll will change into a set item of your choice without changing the stats assigned to it (only changing numbers to fit your lvl) and without making any changes in gem slot and gem inside that item.

2) Some people are in a different situation :

I guarantee you later on when you will have more upgraded fortress wood and stone won't be a problem.

It's more an option for higher levels which want to distinguish themselves from low-level players by spending wood and stone to obtain cool looking gear.
Personally, when I was upgrading my fortress I haven't had any problems with materials because I upgraded it smart - just keep always levelling your mines at the highest priority instead maxing out gem mine too fast. Also, it's not worth it to search for gems if your gem mine is at a low level below 5. It will add you some stats but the value of the resources spended on searching for weak gems would be higher after all.

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