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Question Experiences with Demon Hunter?

Hello there!
So I recently came back to the game after like 6+ years. I was very surprised to see the new classes, I figured I'd try out one. I went with Demon Hunter. I thought it was pretty cool in the beginning, but the more I play with it the more issues I see. I was wondering if I'm just unlucky, or if other Demon hunters have similar experiences?

First of all; Accuracy.
It really seems like I can't hit anything. And not just scouts, all sorts of players, even monsters. Sometimes battles against monsters on/under my level with half the stats I have go like this: 9 misses, 3 successfully hits on my part. I've even seen classes that aren't really supposed to dodge evading my attacks. I know missing is part of the battle, but I barely see any other class/player miss that much when they have higher stats and levels than the opponent.

And secondly; Dodging.
While I've seen warriors and the likes with very low dodge rate evade my attacks, I've never once seen my character dodge anything at all. It can't block any attacks either.

Basically... My character just keeps taking every hit and barely being able to hit back, even if the opponent is on a lower level and has lower stats.
Is this really supposed to be like that? Am I unlucky, or is there something I'm missing? Because right now I'm highly considering just abandoning my Demon Hunter, playing it is just annoying at this point. :/

I appreciate any feedback & advice
Hope you're all having a nice day!
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