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I've tried a DH up to level 122 and I got disappointed by it. Because without the revive mechanic triggered, it's just a compendium of all the other classes' weaknesses. Well, yeah it can wear plate armor up to 50% dmg reduction, but without the shield (and blocking happens way more often than the revive). And I don't know why but the 25% revive doesn't seem to happen 1/4 of the time (even if it should, statistically). Fortunately that is also the case when fighting DH's, phew

The real power of the DH comes into the "retry", I think. He is able to defeat much higher level bosses and/or enemies, if he just gets lucky. So try and retry, and the mechanic will end up triggering.
Therefore I think DH must be an excellent class for heavy shroomers. Which I'm not

Since then, I've tried the berserker, and the special skill there has a 50% chance of being triggered, on any attack including one coming from that very trigger. I've already combo'd 8 blows in a row as a Berserker (mine is level 182 now) while I have *never* had 2 revives in a single fight with the DH.

Seriously, if you want to try one of the new classes, pick up Berserker, it's way less frustrating and funnier
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