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Default Daily, Weekly, Monthly Achivements.

The new update is pretty good imo, been waiting for smth like this long ago, however you can finish like 10-30 instantly (depens on how long you play the server) 5-10 is hardly reachable (like clearing twister etc), so basicly after a few days u will only have like ~10 achivements max to work on, the rest is already done, or can't be done for a long time yet. Which is fine, but to make things more interesting, here is a suggestion:

Make 1, 2 or 3 extra achivements which always reset themselves after a certain time regardless if you completed them or not and a new one appear.

Personally thought about this 3: daily / weekly / monthly achivements. (Daily changes every 24 hours, weekly after 7 days, etc

-Daily would give 1 stats to all. And would be certainly easy, like visit 1 location, or buy a necklace, potion, win 2 arena fight, whatever just do like 50-100 easy achivement and let them randomly rotate in every 24 hour.

-Weekly, same principle, 5 bonus stat to all (or can be smth else too like 2x shroom, eternal life pot, whatever that can make ppl happy) once completed, abit harder quests, like won atleast 1 pet fight for 3 days in a row, etc etc, again make a pool of ~50 achivements for this and let them rotate.

-Monthly, same thing, ~ 10 stat for all (or same as above smth else) if completed. Even harder quests, like get 100 arena win , etc, make some like this and let them rotate.

Wrote a long enough post, gonna stop right here, hopefuly by now you got what i mean, it wouldn't take much effort from the devs, gotta just find out ~100 achivement in total , write a script to rotate them, then we are good to go, an entertaining achivement system for interesting but not OP rewards, which always give you smth to do, even if you are stuck with the regular achivements, dungeons, etc.

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