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Smile ~~ Theater Vancoor~~

We are a kind, helpful and very very ambitious group of players. We may be ambitious but we aren't delusional, we know that climbing to the top and being one of the best guilds will be hard work but, we are ready for the long haul! We are accepting players of all kinds; low levels, high levels, old players, new players, anyone and everyone is aloud to join as long as you follow our rules, and can speak English decently! We are very friendly and are always glad to help whenever it is needed. If you wish to join, first look bellow and look at our details and statistics, and if you then make up your mind and want to join, just message SirEthan in game asking to join!

~What We Offer You Right Now~
• Dedicated and experienced leadership!
• A friendly and helpful atmosphere.
• Active chat most of the time.
• Scheduled dungeon raids and guild attacks.
• Gold Bonus 56%
• EXP Bonus 56%
• A level 31 Fortress.

~Our Record~
• Successful Guild Attacks:
• Demon Portal:
• Guild Dungeons

~Requirements to Join~
• Be an active and friendly player.
• Be willing to donate gold (shrooms are always welcomed too ).
• Willing to participate in guild activities.
• Willing to chat.

~Guild Rules~
• Stay active- if you have to go inactive for an amount of time for any reason let the Founder or an officer know.
• No cheater- aka using bots or other kind of clients.
• No harassing other players- We want this to be a kind and friendly environment.
• Donate gold/shrooms when you can.
• Be ready to click in for most guild activities!

I hope that you consider joining us! We are always looking for new recruits! Once again, to join just message SirEthan about it! Good luck to all of our fellow Shakes and Fidget players out there!

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