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Default Guilds, Raids & Demon's Portal (Guild)

Guilds, Raids & Demon's Portal (Guild)


Teamwork is important – joining a guild has many benefits. To create a guild you'll need 10 gold and a guild name. Then you have access to the guild screen.

1: The list of members is displayed on the left side, including ranks (guild leader, officers, normal members), active potions, activity in guild fights and donated and . Click the underlined text to display all statistics.

2: Rank and honor. You can also display an external guild website by adding the URL to the guild description.

3: Guild description. Introduce your guild, describe your goals, announce that you are looking for new members etc.
Your guild and its description is visible to all users. If only guild members should be able to read the description or parts of it, you can exclude non-members by following this tutorial.

4: Attack and defense button, mushroom catapult, guild raid button

5: Coat of arms. Click to create and propose an emblem.

6: Guild features that can be upgraded and guild bank with donated and

7: Guild chat to talk to your fellow guild members. You can also enter several chat commands there: List

Guild Ranks

Each guild consists of a guild leader, officers and normal members.
The leader can invite, promote, demote and kick players, declare guild attacks and raids, upgrade the guild, change the guild description and approve the coat of arms.
Officers can invite players, kick regular players, declare guild attacks and raids, upgrade the guild and suggest a coat of arms.
Normal members can only suggest a coat of arms.

Guild Features

A guild has three features that can be upgraded:

Guild Wars


If you are level 50+ and a guild leader or officer you can initiate a guild dungeon attack/raid.
All guild members that have clicked to join the attack and have been a member of the guild for 24 hours at least automatically participate in the guild dungeon attack regardless of their level.

The attack automatically starts at the given date. All participating guild members attack the dungeon monsters similar to a guild battle. If you succeed all participating characters are awarded an experience bonus in relation to their level. In addition, your guild features can be upgraded with each dungeon cleared. If you lose you can try again but all gold spent on an attempt to clear the dungeon is lost.

Hint: if you have cleared a dungeon with a guild you can enter the same dungeon with another guild again but you will not get more experience points. Each dungeon adds experience points to your character only once.

Hint: if you miss a guild dungeon attack because you have not clicked the button to join your fellow guild members you will not be awarded anything nor can the attack be repeated. However, you will benefit from the bonus of the guild upgrades.

Demon's Portal (Guild)

You can enter the portal once a day to fight opponents on the other side of the portal. Required level: 99+.
The opponents are extremely difficult to defeat but fear not! Your guild members can also fight against them once a day. The displayed health bar is shared among guild members. Together you are strong.
Beware as the opponents regenerate their health by 10% at midnight.
Defeat an opponent and all guild members get +1% weapon damage as a permanent bonus.

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