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Originally Posted by ECAsh View Post
If its random I would be getting goods for the ranger...but we dont..
You dont get any goods for your Character..which ISNT random.

Random would be a selection of everything, not restricting 1 thing from 29 choices.. So, add the other Armour choices to EACh character so they can Earn a random that FITS them...or take out the option that is the Main Bonus to each character..

You are a ranger and Drop an item into the toilet and get a Dex,con,luck item back and YOU CANT USE IT..even Dex Con..but its for a wiz or fighter.. its a random Kill item to dump, even if its better then anything you have..
I meant the attributes are random. Throwing an item into the toilet changes the item's class requirement. The purpose of the toilet is to get items for your followers, not yourself!

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