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Default LVL 450 Where you at??!

I (every player) notice this long time ago but never did a post like this
After a conversation in my guild, I decided to make a strawpoll.

So after lvl 393 the xp curve is like this

So at lvl 470 or so, you are recieving half the xp from a lvl 400.
So far , i understand and im used to the previous curve so i dont care.

What i really care about is gold. If you can't give us the xp then give us the gold at least.
Because higher lvls geting almost the same gold as 40 lvls bellow and on top of that half the xp , is the sadistic thing you can do to me xD

sum up:
Make the value of the items scale with lvl beyound 2.5M.
Get rid of the 10M gold mission.


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