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Default Looking for a guild

Almost a Year ago I managed to get into Heads or Tails, and grew nicely. But then 2-3 new servers opened and the guild pretty much fell apart with strong members leaving to the point where black gems were impossible to find. with the Knight Hall left (some 500) Gah, then I got an invite from a strong guild and left myself to be able to join it. Only when I got out and could apply they were already full. Darn It.

But I grew on best I could, still pushing that. Build times don't seem to become shortened by having a guild and I am still building. Fortress resources come a bit slower now though and gold and exp is much less.

player level 215
Knight hall level 15.
Fortress level 16.
Underground (heart) level 15

So if anyone wants +15 knight Hall levels in their guild, send an invite.

I am on other servers need not apply.
English speakers preferred.
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