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Originally Posted by koja View Post
The reward for each floor is too low. After winning a floor on those other buildings, it has given more xp compared to the level you have been. When you won before it has given a good boost to the next level. The twister, it's almost negligible even when you have to struggle to complete a level. You do it for the chance to get item.

I am at lvl 377 and floor lvl 423 could be better at lower lvl.
Twister has 1,000 levels as you get higher into twister you do get more exp and you also can get epics and normal items which gives very good gold if sold.

IMO twister was more to give something more to do for those who have finish regular dungeon 1-13 and stuck on easteros; and has also finished tower and most of shadow world.

As for rewards I don't believe they were meant to give great rewards per lvl but to give small boosts to both exp and gold and now with blacksmith item drops for resources.

George knows best if higher lvls give max exp or not but either way any extra of both as I can get them is good to me.

A side not I am going to assume you are a scout since my lvl 386 warrior is only at twister lvl 405 and have been for awhile now. ( my fisrt toon is lvl 440 twister 506 also a warrior)
have fun, fight hard, die honorably
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