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Default Damage reduction help

can someone explain me how dmg reduction work, because I dont get it really.
I know this:
- warriors have up tom 50% reduction
- scouts have up to 25%
- mages have up tp 10%
All this is based on their armor.

OK, we all know this. But how this can happen then:

Im warrior 305lvl with weapon dmg 844k-951k
When I hit dungeons or tower I get these numbers in first several rounds: 200k, 650k critt, 350k, 330k......
If I understan math correct, I cannot do less than 420k in 1st round for normal hit?! Critts can do no less than 844k + 5% from witch!!! Later round can be only more than this!
Im getting numbers that are less than 25% from my hit!!!! How???