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You are welcome

I think, that you can get them in the WC too. But i do not know this for certain.

What i can offer is my experience:

On W5 i am playing a mage and it took me an eternity to get those two shields.

On W6 i am playing a warrior, i found them in enemy hands very easily, but i have not yet found/earned one of those. Not in a quest, not in dungeons and not in the shop.

I think that they are WC-only but with the additional prerequisite of having a min. Level of 200 (which would explain the rarity).

On W5 (no kidding) i spent ~10 weeks checking the HoF every 2 days and checking every warior above level 100 until i finally found them. And i have never seen them in the hands of anyone below level 200 (meaning Level and potential Aura, i have seen one with a 195 warrior once).

You will find them, i am certain, but they are the rarest items (imo)
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