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Originally Posted by Bayaz View Post
I think that they are WC-only but with the additional prerequisite of having a min. Level of 200 (which would explain the rarity).
It says "Es gab zwei Kriegerschilde, die durch das WC-Feature beziehbar sein sollten.
Diese sind nun ab Stufe 200 "normal" beziehbar, also find-/kaufbar in Dungeons und Waffenladen." In KO771's quotation you showed me ...

I don't know if you can understand German but that literally means "There are two shields for the warrior, that should be found in the WC, which are now available at Level 200 in Dungeons and the weapon Shop."

But as you already said, the quotation is very old... It says nothing about the toilet, maybe they changed it again and it can be find everywhere or in the WC only now...

Excuse me for my horrible english and the autocorrection xD Cheers

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