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Originally Posted by Wasi View Post
To clear thing up a little bit for both of you.

Im playing warrior on s36 and on w8.

These shields can be found everywhere:
That means in the weapon shop, the dungeons, through flushing in the toilet, on quests ....

Now this because I've got the portable Bunker already with 3 of them and the mirror with the last one, the quest.

I hope this helps you.

That you get it with lvl 200 and above is also right .... therefore you have to search the places 500 and up in the hof on w8 .... have one right now ^^
Thank you

Originally Posted by Bayaz View Post
Thanks, Wasi, for the clarification

@Angsthase: Als gebürtiger Deutscher, verstehe ich die Sprache recht gut

In English: As a native german, i understand the language quite good
Looks like I am not the only one who got chased off in the german forum for talking about an international server?
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