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Originally Posted by Klenkogi View Post
Someone from the german forum calculated the strength of the classes in comparison to the other classes. There is no Rock-Paper-Scissor; All Classes are equal in theory:
That is extremely outdated. It does not factor in a LOT of things:
- pet bonuses (% on all ability scores)
- guild portal bonuses (% damage boost)
- player portal bonuses (% HP boost)
- witch enchantments (weapon crit damage)

This are NOT equal between classes! 10% more HP on a Warrior is WAY more of a bonus than a 10% on mage (as is 10% bonus on damage between them).

The differentiating factor here:
- warrior benefits most from HP boosts, and the % bonuses scale WAY to well with level
- mage benefits most from damage boosts, however those depend on weapon, not ability score

Scouts are somewhere in the middle, hence I'm not putting them into the equation.

Finally, let us not forget that this is just theory! In reality, most of these don't really hold well for two reasons:
1. Criticals are VERY unpredictable
2. There are just too many factors now. Pets, portals, etc severely affect the performance of a character (it used to be that external factors only influenced XP/Gold which are not related to balance directly).
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