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Originally Posted by hexblot View Post
This are NOT equal between classes! 10% more HP on a Warrior is WAY more of a bonus than a 10% on mage (as is 10% bonus on damage between them).
10% more HP for ANY class is 10% more hits they can take, and therefore 10% more hits then can make. And it all still multiplies to EQUAL strength.

You can't beat math.

One of the reasons is that they have an extra item slot! Thus a good shield in that level has ~500 tri-stat, and can be relatively easily socketed with a 500 gem or a 250 black gem, multiplied by all other factors.

1) Shields can't be socketed
2) Mage and scout weapons have double stats

So it's 500 tristat warrior weapon (socketed) plus 500 tristat warrior shield (no socket) against 1000 tristat mage/scout weapon (socketed). A draw again!
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