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Smile small but (in my oponion) huge thing

Hi all
Greetings from Austria

I was not sure, if I should open a new thread for this - but maybe itīs already posted somewhere else and well, since thatīs what this thread is for - i'll do it here.
As most of you can see - Iīm a new player here, and tryed it out for the first time - but what has bugged me since the beginning was a point about the messages (in Austria it's called "Post").
--> You can see the messages you've got - but you can't see the messages you sent to other players.
Especially in the beginning - where I was applying to different guilds - it was a bit confusing to remeber which Guild I wrote which message.
It shouldn't be much of a problem to implement this (I think), and in my opinion it would make the whole message-area more comfortable to have an "ingoing-Tab" and an "outgoing-Tab"

Another thing (for me not as important as the first one) would be the guild chat.
--> If you log in you can only see the last five messages...thatsīs not much for a game nowadays.
If that is because of speed and for a better use on phones it makes sense but maybe you can improve this.
My suggestion would be to make 2 different Kind of texts
1. for "messages from members", and
2. "for fights, gold and mushrooms whicht are spent")
Then you can show the last 5 "actions" of Point two and the last 10 or 20 "actions" of point one.

As it goes for all suggestion - it's just a suggestion and it's just my own opinion when I look at this game.
Feel free to take what you need to make this game as good as you can =)