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Originally Posted by Beregick Pixilik View Post
Hi all
Greetings from Austria

I was not sure, if I should open a new thread for this - but maybe itīs already posted somewhere else and well, since thatīs what this thread is for - i'll do it here.
As most of you can see - Iīm a new player here, and tryed it out for the first time - but what has bugged me since the beginning was a point about the messages (in Austria it's called "Post").
--> You can see the messages you've got - but you can't see the messages you sent to other players.
Especially in the beginning - where I was applying to different guilds - it was a bit confusing to remeber which Guild I wrote which message.
It shouldn't be much of a problem to implement this (I think), and in my opinion it would make the whole message-area more comfortable to have an "ingoing-Tab" and an "outgoing-Tab"

Another thing (for me not as important as the first one) would be the guild chat.
--> If you log in you can only see the last five messages...thatsīs not much for a game nowadays.
If that is because of speed and for a better use on phones it makes sense but maybe you can improve this.
My suggestion would be to make 2 different Kind of texts
1. for "messages from members", and
2. "for fights, gold and mushrooms whicht are spent")
Then you can show the last 5 "actions" of Point two and the last 10 or 20 "actions" of point one.

As it goes for all suggestion - it's just a suggestion and it's just my own opinion when I look at this game.
Feel free to take what you need to make this game as good as you can =)
Yeah mail system isn't the best but if u want to keep track of which guild you have mail you can actually mail more then 1 person with a mail (example: their name; your name) make sure u put the ; between each name.

As for guild chat we have asked for years for better guild chat. for each message in it takes up that much space on the server. But considering that if they just doubled the amount we could see it wouldn't add that much more data to the server.
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