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After going by with the levels on s35 I found a couple more things that could be improved:

1) Server Time

Something like that:

I mean, this might be not super important but as someone who plays on a server that's one hour forward, it really confuses me those two days per year when we switch time. I imagine it would help new players and increase clarity.

2) Mount/Pet tab

It does make sense for the Mount tab to be on top until 75 level, but after that, making people click x2 anytime they'd like to interact with Pets is a bad idea. Most people either "never" use that tab again since they have 1k+ days on Mount or buy it every 2 weeks - and that's about it.

Pets on the other hand have:
* 5 daily attacks
* 20 Duengon's per Element
* Using eggs/food (until end game and beyond for 200 pets)
* Checking day/time/condition for finding a pet

So, please try to reverse it after 75?
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