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TY - Sersemina.
It may be a good strategy to do so, upgrade gem mine and take advantage of the better gems.
Further to the increase in stat, it is also interesting to understand how much you get for selling the gems you cannot use. This can be used for permanent stat increase :-P.
So I am also trying to understand whether there is a change in the time it takes to dig a gem (currently 6,5 hours with the full fortress built) as well as the formula for the value of the gems.

This latter part is probably much more straightforward for the gold pit. On one side, you can choose to spend the 162 million souls and upgrade the gold pit for 14+ days OR just use the gold pit for getting your gold.
Just a simple comparison: when do we have the break-even between sticking to gold pit 15 and harvest gold, vs upgrading to lvl 16 - or 17 or 225. Building to level 225 will take 3 years, so for sure the break-even point will be much further out into the future; and nothing to really target for.
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