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Interesting, tinc.
Let me see if I understand this correctly:

At your level 400:
(What you can collect with a level 15 mine in 250 days)
(What you can collect with a level 16 mine in 235 days, minus the 10 mill it cost to upgrade the mine)

Is that the case?
If so, with a payback time of 250 days I really dont see a point of upgrading too much / at all... Tomorrow I will have gold pit 17. If the above is true for my level too (495), I will not start benefiting from these 2 upgrades, until after around 500-2*15=470 more days :-P. If I continue upgrading to stage 255 (spending the full 9 years) it will take me 164 years before breakeven???

Still - I would love to see the formula for the gold payback, including character level and mine level.
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